A picture of Robert climbing towards the top of Lord Hill, Summer 2019.

Climbing towards the top of Lord Hill, Summer 2019. Photo by Taryn Graham.

Running is a life-long hobby of mine that often fills my evenings and weekends (and occasionally my mornings). I first discovered my love for running in middle school when I joined the track & field team and started training for the 800m and 1600m distance events. Almost two decades later, I’m still running — and running farther. While I’m not usually the fastest out there in the field of participants, I enjoy pushing myself and finding my own limits, especially on the trails.

Here is a short list of upcoming races that I have planned, as well as my best times for previous events. I’ve developed a preference for trail races over road races, so it’s likely you’ll see more of those on the list.

Many past race results are also listed on my profile on Webscorer and profile on UltraSignup.

Upcoming Races

None Currently Scheduled

Personal Records

50k (31mi): 5:54:46 (9/23/17 – Middle Fork Trail 50k – Great Bend, WA)
Marathon (26.2mi): 3:18:28 (11/29/14 – Ghost of Seattle Marathon – Seattle, WA)
Trail Marathon (26.2mi): 4:10:43 (8/18/19 – Redmond Watershed Summer Blast Trail Marathon – Redmond, WA)
Half Marathon (13.1mi): 1:35:06 (9/13/09 – Rochester Half Marathon – Rochester, NY)
Trail Half Marathon (13.1mi): 1:44:31 (12/6/14 – Redmond Reindeer Romp Half Marathon – Redmond, WA)
15k (9.3mi): 1:04:54 (7/12/09 – Boilermaker 15k – Utica, NY)
12k (7.5mi): 54:11 (4/9/17 – Seahawks 12k – Renton, WA)
10k (6.2mi): 44:31 (10/12/19 – Run with the Kokanee 10k – Issaquah, WA)
8k (5mi): 34:54 (6/22/14 – Rattlesnake Ridge Run – North Bend, WA)
5k (3.1mi): 18:59 (10/11/09 – Brick City 5k – Rochester, NY)
3200m (2mi): 11:46 (5/12/09 – Time Trial – Rochester, NY)
1600m (1mi): 5:20 (4/22/08 – Jersey Shore @ Shikellamy HS Track Meet – Sunbury, PA)