GDPR Overview for Salesforce Admins & Developers

With the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enforcement date of May 25th fast approaching, it is important to understand how Salesforce is supporting companies in their GDPR readiness efforts.

I recently wrote and published a blog post with more information about GDPR for Salesforce admins & developers over on the Full Circle Insights web site. I encourage you to check it out here: “GDPR Overview for Salesforce Admins & Developers”

There are many resources that I found to be incredibly helpful in understanding GDPR and how it will impact our work as Salesforce admins & developers, including:
The EU GDPR Portal –
Salesforce GDPR Readiness Overview –
“GDPR compliance and Salesforce Individual object” by Ian Gotts on Medium

Happy reading!
— Robert

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