The Year of Slow Progress: 2023

Well, another year has sped past us. I’ve deemed 2023 as the year of slow progress and titled this post as such before even beginning to write out how the year unfolded. As mentioned in my last update post, my husband and I were hoping to complete a major house renovation in 2023 — however, we had higher expectations than reality! We are now almost ready to begin construction and recently moved into a temporary apartment, so I am excited to see it completed by the fall.

So what did I actually accomplish last year? Some of the things I’m most proud of include:

  • Completing my exercise goals (except for 30 hours of ice skating — but I was close!)
  • Getting back to the weekly runs with Fleet Feet Seattle after a long, several-year hiatus
  • Serving my second year as the volunteer coordinator for the Run and Walk with Pride
  • Traveling to Arizona, Hawaii, and NYC
  • Reading 16 books

Another Year of Traveling: Arizona, Hawaii, & NYC

Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Antelope Canyon, Arizona

I obviously can’t mention my travels without posting at least a few photos from my adventures! The picture above was taken from a trip with my best friend in April 2023 to Arizona and the Antelope Canyon. The canyon was mesmerizing and the weather was perfect (as was the pool), especially after a long Seattle winter.

Soon after I returned from Arizona, my husband and I traveled to O’ahu and spent a week on the island’s north shore. We relaxed at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort and also explored Honolulu and many smaller towns along the northern and eastern coasts of the island.

A view of Honolulu and the ocean from the top of Diamond Head
A view of Honolulu and the ocean from the top of Diamond Head

We ended the year with a quick trip to New York City in October. Tym was sick the last time we were there in 2018, so it was fun to return while we were both in good health. I went on many day trips to NYC as a teenager growing up close by in Pennsylvania, but this was only my second time staying in the city for multiple days.

The New York City skyline
The New York City skyline


2024 will be the year of faster progress! We will finally complete our house renovations this year. Additionally, I will continue to serve as the volunteer coordinator for the Run and Walk with Pride, as well as begin leading a few Queer Mountaineers trail runs.

We have more travel plans in 2024, including a trip to New Zealand (which we’ve already completed!), a trip to Oregon for a wedding, and a trip to Los Angeles for the Netflix is a Joke Fest.

Besides traveling and house renovations, my main focus for the year will be to attend my running groups more consistently and build new friendships. I’ve been feeling a bit lonely over the past few years, and I think being more active in my running groups will be a good goal for me.

Here’s to a great 2024, for all of us! Until next time,
— Robert

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